Aussie Bush Kettle by Campology - QIKAZZ Package

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The Aussie Bush Kettle Base Package contains:

1 x 1.1ltr Stainless Steel Aussie Bush Kettle
1 x Stainless Steel Fire Base
1 x Calico Travel Bag
1 x Liquid Fuel Burner Dish
1 x Fire Extinguishing Board
1 x Diffuser

This QIKAZZ kit contains the key items you need to make the best cuppa outside of the kitchen! Use solid, liquid or gas fuels to boil up to 4 cups of water in under 5 minutes. Works best with natures fuels such as sticks and leaves, but is equally at home when used with the Liquid Fuel Burner Dish and Fire Extinguisher Board, (both included as part of the QIKAZZ Package) or an alcohol stove...or simply remove the fire base put the diffuser in the top and use on your gas stove.

Kettle Size
165mm high
210mm wide (including spout and handle)
160mm wide (opposite side without spout and handle)

Base Size
165mm wide
60mm high 

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