HD Alternator 90A with Vac Pump for Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 Diesel

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High Quality Heavy Duty Upgrade Alternator, made to last.

Suit ALL GQ TD42 Models with the vacuum pump on the alternator,

These Units have a Brand New Hugh Volume 50cc Vacuum Pump Fitted, With factory threads on the Fittings

They are a direct Bolt in Unit, With the genuine plug, so connect straight up hassle free.


Voltage 12V
Amperage 90A
Mount Leg ID 80
C-C Mounts 175
Hole ID Top 1 x M8
Hole ID Bottom 1 x 10- 1 x 10.5
Shaft Size
Pulley Type 2A
Pulley Belt Width
Pulley Grooves
Pulley diameter 94
Regulator Type Internal Reg

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