Hillbilly Camping Gear CookStand Kit-1

Sale price$165.00


This CookStand kit provides you with a versatile campfire cooking system and includes the following.

  • 1000mm CookStand
  • Two Hooks
  • 540mm BBQ/Grill Plate
  • 400mm Frypan
  • Canvas Carry bag.
Weight 11.2Kg


CookStand Specific Details.

The CookStand is the centrepiece of the Hillbilly bush kitchen. It allows you to suspend a wide range of cooking utensils over the campfire at various heights. Available cooking accessories include several optional sizes of BBQ plate, a wok, several sizes of frypan, camp ovens, billies and a host of others, the CookStand has 750mm of adjustment in height.


HILLBILLY Camping Gear is proud to be a wholly Australian owned company. Their products are designed by Aussie campers who seek cookware which is durable,
versatile and easy to maintain. Our products are all Australian Made. For more than 25 years our product range has evolved immensely and we truly believe that we have 
everything you need for cooking anywhere 'from the Backyard to the Bush'.

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