Roadsafe 4wd Alloy Recovery Hitch & Soft Shackle - Limited Edition Pink - Soft Shackle Compliant


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All new Roadsafe Soft Shackle Friendly Recovery Hitch now available. 

ROADSAFE, is bringing some vibrant colour and important support to two of Australia’s most deserving charities, Beyond Blue
and the McGrath Foundation. Limited edition ROADSAFE Pink and Blue 4WD soft shackle compliant alloy recovery Hitch and Soft
Shackle packs have been produced to raise awareness and much needed funds for Beyond Blue and the McGrath Foundation.

A limited run of the ROADSAFE Blue or Pink 4WD Alloy Recovery Hitch packs have been specially manufactured with $5 per Blue
unit sale going towards the Beyond Blue Support Service and $5 per Pink unit sale to the McGrath Foundation until all of these
limited edition ROADSAFE 4WD Hitches are sold.

Simple to install to an adequately rated tow hitch receiver, the extremely versatile ROADSAFE 4WD Hitches are designed to create
a rated recovery attachment point on the rear of the vehicle to enable 4WD enthusiasts to perform safe rearward recoveries.

Product features include:
• ROADSAFE 4WD Hitches are anodised for long term reliability and dual drilled for ease of fitment and use, suited to 50mm x 50mm hitch receivers
• ROADSAFE 4WD Hitches are capable of a 5,000 kilogram working load limit
• Soft shackle rope spliced breaking strain load rated at 12,500 kilograms
• ROADSAFE 4WD Hitches are also NATA tested locally to ensure total quality

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