Roadsafe 4wd Tail Shaft Spacer Front 2 Piece 25mm for Ford Ranger PX & Mazda BT50 2nd Gen


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Tail Shaft Spacer Front 2 Piece 25mm for Ford Ranger PX Mazda BT50 2nd Gen

Please Note: These will not suit the new 2021 Mazda BT50

Tail shaft spacers are required when you have enough lift that the tail shaft is in danger of separating at the slip joint.

Roadsafe precision CNC machined alloy tailshaft spacer kit to suit the Ford Ranger & Mazda BT50 2nd Gen is now available as a 2 piece design.

This new product features two stackable spacers, one at 15.5mm, the other at 12.5mm.

Combined to give you an overall 25mm spacer when used together.

The 12.5mm is used on 2" lifts & when both spacers are combined they can be used on lifts above 2".

If your only require the 12mm spacer kit the PN is TSSRAN

Kit includes the high tensile bolts required to install the kit.


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