Roadsafe 4wd Transmission Spacer Kit for Nissan Patrol GQ & GU

RoadsafeSKU: TSSGQ

Sale price$48.00


The Roadsafe Transmission Spacer Kit is installed to provide a fix to aid in controlling the driveline vibration & noise after a lift has been installed. The Patrol kit contains spacer plates to fit neatly between the transmission plate & the chassis & works by spacing down the driveline thus reducing driveline angle affected with the lift.

The Roadsafe kit includes 4 precision cut 6mm spacer plates & fitting hardware to suit (extended bolts) The four spacers allow you to run either 6mm or 12mm spacers depending on your lift.

We recommend installing a transmission spacer kit when lifting your 4WD. Always use a professional.

We also have another spacer kits that includes smaller round spacers that is commonly found on some ZD30 gearbox crossmembers. Part number TSSGU

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