Saber Offroad Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope – 15,000KG - 3m

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The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of recovery gear! You’ll never know when you need it next! Winch extension, equaliser strap, tree trunk protector and more!


Just because you have a winch installed and ready to go, you’re still not fully prepared for what a difficult recovery might throw at you. Welcome to the Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope from Saber Offroad is 3 metres in length and rated at 15,000KG (33,000lbs). The Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of vehicle recovery equipment. Designed mostly for winching, the Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope can be used in a variety of ways to recover a stuck vehicle.  Manufactured with world-leading Spectra® Fiber made in the USA by Honeywell this product is super strong, yet soft to feel, and incredibly light.

Both the rope eyes and the remaining length of the rope are protected by a heavy-duty binding to protect the Spectra® core, to guarantee a long life for this rope.  An optional cordura protective sheath is ideal for added protection for both the tree and the rope during recoveries using a tree.

So, how does it work?

Most of those going offroad would carry a short winch extension, a tree trunk protector, and an equaliser strap, and finally, there is a product that does it all.

Winch Extension

Need an extra 3M (10ft) to reach that winch anchor point? We have you covered! The Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope core use the same material as our winch lines, so we know it does the job!

Tree Trunk Protector

Trees are often your best friend when you get stuck and need a winch anchor point. A common winching mistake is to wrap a winch rope straight around the tree and hook back to itself. This can damage both the winch rope and the tree. The Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope is the perfect solution to safely anchor a winch line to a tree without causing damage to the environment or your gear.  The optional sheath is ideal for this type of recovery.

Equaliser Strap

The Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope can be used as an equaliser strap by attaching to two recovery points on your vehicle and winching from the center of the Rope. This significantly reduces strain on the vehicle chassis and recovery points and helps keep the vehicle lined up as needed while winching.

Non-Standard Recovery Point Utilisation

In some recoveries, such as a rollover, the ideal vehicle recovery points may not be accessible or safe to use.  This often leads to a need to recover from an axle, roll cage or other suitable solutions.  The Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope allows you to safely attach to these points using the ‘choker’ method on your vehicle without causing damage to your vehicle or your gear.

We’re proud to say that no matter what the great outdoors throws at you, the Spectra® Extreme Utility Rope is here to help!

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