Steering Coupling Joint Upgrade for Nissan Patrol GQ GU Y60 61

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Does your old patrol have massive amounts of steering play? 


Have you ever thought that this below pictured item that links between your steering wheel shaft and the steering box that has a big rubber plate in it, it probably 15+ years old and the rubber has gone hard, cracked and no longer working properly.  

Now is the time to upgrade, get rid of that rubber damper and put a *cough Toyota one in. Ouch that hurt to say. But lets face it, Once you have replaced it with the toyota uni joint, your probably never going to need to worry again. 

We recently fitted one of these to our own rig and noticed an immediate improvement to our steering. 

This is a genuine Toyota part, not a cheap aftermarket item. We will also supply required bolt so its simply a direct fit with no extra parts required. 


Also a great addition when doing a BMW M57N swap as the extra clearance is big bonus.

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