The Wandering Newbie - Macalister Gorge - Licola

The Wandering Newbie - Macalister Gorge - Licola

My go to place away from the normal 2WD crowd is Macalister Gorge.  There are several ways in but the shortest is from the Licola Road on the Burgoyne Track.  There is always excitement turning off the bitumen and onto the dirt, airing down and then it’s straight up a very narrow climb.  There are steep bits but it’s a lovely drive into the gorge where you are met by the Macalister River.  If the river is in full flow then there are several options to camp without having to cross it.  One up a little hill to the right, on the pebbles down by the river on the right or on the left as you come down the track there are spots.  If you can get over the river (late spring to early autumn, winter dependant on rainfall) then there are lots of options, some right on the river or near the hut. There are lots of fish in the river, I have caught carp, seen RedFin Perch and talked to someone who has caught trout.  There is normally a steady flow of traffic through the area during the weekend as it is beautiful.  Most are just coming through and so you can sometimes have an awesome quiet weekend to yourself. Watch the video of the entire campground in the gorge and pick your spot. Link is below.

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