4WD Treks of the High Country Boiling Billy Craig Lewis & Cathy Savage

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4WD Treks of the High Country will lead readers through twenty-six of the best four-wheel drive touring destinations in both the Victorian and New South Wales alpine region.

Jam-packed full of information on the region’s history, natural features and highlights, this detailed guide makes an indispensable travelling companion for those setting out to explore one of the country’s most unique areas. The guide features over 150 stunning full colour photographs which help bring the High Country to life.

Whilst exploring this awe-inspiring region, travellers will discover old gold mining towns tucked away in secluded valleys, marvel at breathtaking vistas from atop some of the region’s highest peaks and be guided to great campsites to throw down their swags, often beside babbling mountain streams. With the aid of comprehensive route directions, intrepid adventurers are guided on the right track from start to finish, taking in many little-known points of interest tucked away in the mountains.

As one of Australia’s premier four-wheel drive touring destinations, 4WD Treks of the High Country will help readers get the best from their adventure to this stunning area.

Authors Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage

Craig Lewis and Cathy Savage are the authors of numerous books on Australian bush travel and have been travelling, camping out and writing about their adventures for the past 20 or so years.


Category:Travel & holiday guides

Format:Spiral bound

Publication Date:01-07-2018

Publisher:Boiling Billy Publications

Country of origin:Australia


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