BMW Serpentine Belt for M57N2 - Continental 6PK1893

ContinentalSKU: 6PK1893

Sale price$40.00


Part numbers 11287803476, 11287799860, 11288477787 - Suits BMW M57N2 X5 E70 Series

*NOTE: This product is an OE BMW Product, without the BMW logo, with a considerably cheaper price tag. 

Please check if this is the correct length belt for you as some models have multiple options. 


Serpentine Belt

Your vehicles serpentine belt is designed to drive your engines accessories such as the water pump, alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor. Depending on the configuration of your vehicles accessory array your vehicle may have a single or multiple serpentine belts. Compared to traditional v-belts serpentine belts have a long and reliable service life and rarely require maintenance before replacement.

Due to the materials that modern serpentine belts are made out of it is possible for them to last anywhere from 50,000 miles to upwards of 80,000 miles. When replacing your vehicles serpentine belt it is highly recommended to inspect all related pulleys and tensioners. In most cases it is recommended to replace the belt and pulleys/tensioners at the same time.

Serpentine Belt Failure Symptoms

  • Cracks or fraying
  • Squealing or squeaking from engine bay
  • Stretching causing low friction over pulleys
  • Chemical spills such as oil or coolant leaks
  • Accessories not providing proper output as intended

About Continental

Continental AG is a German multinational automotive parts manufacturing company that started in the late 1800's, specifically developing and manufacturing rubber products. Since then, Continental has grown to be one of the most ubiquitous automotive OE manufacturers in the world. Continental AG uses its extensive experience to combine expert material technology, along with sophisticated electronic and mechanical resources to supply the highest quality OEM products available. The familiar ContiTech brand name that customers have trusted for decades to provide the highest quality reinforced rubber products has been integrated under the Continental name, so expect to see the same popular OE ContiTech products with new Continental packaging. Consider Continental if you are shopping for the highest quality OE products available.


This is the original part used by the vehicle manufacturer when it left the factory - in other words, a Genuine product without the logo on it and without the premium cost. We recommend OE replacement as best options for quality and price. Vehicle manufacturers (BMW, Volvo, etc.) do not manufacture many products themselves, rather they contract their Original Equipment Manufacturers to do so. The products that we list as OE are guaranteed to be the exact same part that was on your car when it left the assembly line. In some cases they are even better quality than what is currently available in Genuine because over time some Genuine contracts get changed to save money. All of these parts will be stamped with the OEM’s brand name such as Bosch, Hella, or Lemforder but due to contractual agreements the vehicle manufacturer’s logo cannot be on the product and may be removed from the part.

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