MSA 4x4 Bamboo Chopping Board

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20008 Bamboo Cutting Board


Part Number: 20008


The MSA 4x4 Utensil Set brings a touch of luxury to a camping trip or day out with family. A sustainably sourced bamboo cutting board, treated with a food grade oil, creating a higher level of hygiene, surface protection and product longevity.


Perfectly compliments the MSA 4x4 Cutlery Set, Cooking Knives Set, Utensil Set or one of MSA 4x4's Clip-On Tables for the range of Drop and Straight Slides.


The MSA 4x4 peace of mind, 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty applies.


NOTE: Hand wash only, damage from dish washing MAY NOT be covered by the MSA 4x4 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty. General maintenance of the Bamboo Cutting Board requires regular recoating of food grade oil.



 1x bamboo cutting board


    • Treated with food grade oil
    • Easily cleaner
    • MSA branded
  • 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty

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