MSA 4x4 Premium Cutlery Pack

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20004 Premium Cutlery Pack


Part Number: 20004


Luxury and camping, does go together.


The MSA 4x4 Premium Cutlery Pack brings a touch of luxury to a camping trip or day out with family. All the cutlery items required to make a simple lunch or a three course dinner under the stars are contained within the durable, hard wearing 12oz premium canvas pack. Each item is manufactured from high quality, food grade materials and are MSA 4x4 branded for a distinctive look.


The MSA 4x4 Cutlery Pack contains, a cutlery set, made with 410 stainless steel and finished with a black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) coating. Along with a multi purpose set of sharp, high quality knives, made with black Teflon coated stainless steel and a durable polypropylene handle. Also included is an essential set of utensils, with a spatula and serving spoon made with PA6 nylon coated in food grade silicone and a pair of tongs made with 430 stainless steel coated in food grade silicone. And finally a sustainably sourced bamboo cutting board, coated with a food grade oil, creating a higher level of hygiene, surface protection and product longevity.


Perfectly compliments an MSA 4x4 Clip-on Table or Drop Slide with Table and the light weight compact design allows it to easily stow away within an MSA 4x4 Storage Drawer System.

The MSA 4x4, 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty applies to all the components.


NOTE: Sharp objects contained inside, please handle with care. Hand wash only, damage from dish washing MAY NOT be covered by the MSA 4x4 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty. General maintenance of the Bamboo Cutting Board requires regular recoating of food grade oil.



    • Premium Canvas Pack
    • Cutlery Set:


      - 6x Knives

      - 6x Forks

      - 6x Tablespoons

      - 6x Teaspoons

    • Cooking Knives Set


      - 1x Cleaver Knife

      - 1x Chef Knife

      - 1x Paring Knife

    • Utensil Set


      - 1x Spoon

      - 1x Spatula

      - 1x Tongs

    • Bamboo Cutting Board




    • Durable, hard wearing 12oz premium canvas pack
    • Light weight and compact
    • Convenient, zip secured pocket
    • Velcro flat to secure cutlery items
    • Elastic straps to hold cooking knives secure
    • Elastic straps to hold utensils secure
    • Pocket to hold cutting board secure
    • All items are MSA branded
  • 2 Year Manufacture's Warranty on all items

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