Rampt Customs 80/105 Landcruiser - Steering box brace kit

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A known weak point in the 80/105 Series Landcruisers, is the chassis where the steering box mounts, as well as the top section of the panhard mount. We have seen many completely stock Cruisers with cracks in this area. Unfortunately once you start adding lifts, bigger tyres & some offroad abuse, This issue only becomes more apparent.

This kit covers all bases and areas that prone to fatigue making it the perfect method of prevention or cure.

This 4 piece plate kit braces both the inner & outer chassis rail, As well as the panhard mount.

CNC Cut 6mm Mild steel

Kit includes:

- Outer Chassis plate

- Inner Chassis plate

- Outer Panhard gusset

- Inner Panhard gusset

- x4 Replacement bolts.

For install tips, follow this link to our video (Price in video incorrect)


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