Roadsafe 4wd Bolt On Front Diff Guard Nissan Patrol GU GQ

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Roadsafe 4wd Redesigned Bolt On Front Diff Guard suit Nissan Patrol GU GQ

Redesigned profile to ensure maximum clearance to the diff guard at full compression of the suspension where aftermarket panhard rods are fitted.

Manufactured from a combination of 6 & 8mm thick plate, the Roadsafe 4WD Patrol Front Diff Guards provide that extra protection you need for your ring gear when off roading. Taking just 10 minutes to fit, the Diff Guard simply bolts on to the diff housing using hardware supplied.

We got sick of the other Diff Guards rolling backwards after a knock, so have designed this one to bolt through the radius arm mount, and clamp the diff housing, so there are strong mounting points keeping the guard in place.

Additionally, the shape has been refined to run as close as possible to the original diff housing, to allow clearance for aftermarket panhards.


  • Reduced finished height to maximise clearance
  • Mounts using Radius Arm bolt for secure positioning
  • Allows for continued easy access to fill & drain holes
  • Slots for high pressure hosing - to clear any trapped dirt/debris after offroading
  • Providing clearance to work in conjunction with Diff Spacers (RAASWNIS) and Drop Boxes (DBPATB)

Please Note—if running caster plates on the front radius arms, the thickness of the caster plate will have to be cut down off the mounting boss on the Diff Guard, for the guard to tighten up correctly to the caster plate.

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