Stainless Steel heavy duty replacment hook latch 2mm Thick Fits 5.3T (13MM) Hooks Only


Sale price$12.00


Heavy Duty Stainless Steel winch hook replacement latch only (Hook not included)

With finger tab for extra clearence in the hook throat! 

The tab allows for opening the latch without having your fingers wrapped around the hook latch, inproving safety by getting your finger out of the way and allowing easier access for strap ends.

Commonly damaged during use, the winch latch is an essential safety feature of sling style hooks.

This replacement latch is made of 2mm thick stainless steel replacingin the flimsy mild steel original item.

Latch only - hook, spring and bolt not included.

Please see image dimensions of suitable hooks.These fit our yellow 5.3t hooks sold in our online store however may fit other hooks with little or no modification.

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