23Zero Falcon 270 Pro Awning - Free Standing - LHS


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Elevate your outdoor adventures with the Falcon Pro 270, a testament to our unwavering commitment to top-notch quality, durability, and customer satisfaction. Experience the great outdoors like never before as this remarkable awning redefines comfort and convenience.

Seamless Setup for Unmatched Comfort

Crafted with user-friendliness as a top priority, the Falcon Pro ensures a straightforward setup process that swiftly grants you immediate shade and dependable protection from the elements. It boasts the well-received 23 Zero LST coating, allowing you to effortlessly unfurl the awning and establish a tranquil and cozy retreat with ease.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Functionality

Featuring aluminium box truss rafter arm design with integrated diffused LED lighting and canopy integration, the Falcon Pro 270 shines as a true innovation in outdoor equipment. The new rafter arms ensure exceptional stability while providing an aesthetic touch to your setup.

Light Suppression Technology

The Falcon Pro canopy is coated with LST, a trademarked breakthrough in awning technology. LST comprises a specially crafted dark coating that is skilfully applied to the underside of the awning and the interior of the canvas awning walls. Its primary function is to efficiently scatter sunlight and UV rays, preventing them from permeating the awning canvas and intruding into the sheltered interior space.

Unrivaled Versatility for Your Adventure

The Falcon Pro 270 is engineered to fit various setups seamlessly. Mounted on the left side of dual cabs, wagons, or canopy arrangements, this 5-arm awning from 23 ZERO offers an expansive shelter, making it the perfect companion for your touring or camping escapades. It’s your ideal solution for quick stopovers, leisurely meal breaks, and extended base camping stays.

Unleash the Space

Experience a shelter like no other, with a sprawling span of over 6 meters when fully erected along the length of your vehicle. This translates to more than 10 square meters of undercover space, providing you with room to relax and unwind. Take it up a notch by adding the optional walls (available separately) to create up to a staggering 25 square meters of coverage. This expanded space is perfect for setting up swags, stretchers, kitchens, and storage under the protection of the Falcon Pro.

Peace of Mind

The 23 Zero Falcon Pro 270 is intended to be a self-supporting awning. We strongly advise taking a proactive and sensible approach to reduce the potential for harm or property damage caused by unexpected strong wind gusts. Utilizing the integrated poles and securing guy ropes for added stability while using the 23 Zero Falcon Pro will enhance safety and prolong the product’s lifespan.

Features & Specifications That Impress

  • Effortless one-person setup and pack-down
  • Robust yet lightweight aluminium and canvas build
  • Forward-facing rafters for front vehicle shelter
  • 270-degree design for rear vehicle shelter, perfect for rear kitchen setups
  • 3 integrated telescopic poles for windy conditions
  • Built in diffused led white / Amber lighting
  • 2 zip-on optional wall kits available (sold separately)
  • Up to 10 square meters coverage with the awning alone
  • Expandable to 25 square meters with optional walls
  • Thoughtful tie-off points for rainwater run-off
  • Integrated aluminium rope tracks for accessory attachment
  • Utilizes 280gsm polycotton tear-check canvas with LST coating
  • Sturdy 180mm x 20mm aluminium extruded backboard
  • 5 aluminium truss-style rafters hinged for stability
  • 2 cast aluminium hinge mechanisms for durability
  • Complete wrap-around laminated polyester transit cover with a self-repairing coil zip
  • Includes mounting kit and comprehensive instructions.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty

Dimensions That Matter

  • Open: 6000mm L x 2000mm W
  • Packed: 2140mm L x 160mm W x 200mm H
  • Weight: 23 Kg

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