Blackhawk Rear Wheel Tray BH100

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Blackhawk Rear Wheel Tray

We’ve been busy looking at things outside the square that a Four Wheel Driver, who hits the bush tracks at the weekend & in holidays, really wants. It appears that on top of the list is more room! So we’ve worked at manufacturing a tray to allow you to carry more, outside the vehicle.

The new BLACKHAWK Rear Spare Wheel Tray is fitted atop the outside rear spare, and locks down on the tyre via a ratchet tie down. As a guide only the Load Limit has been set at 120kgs (static) & 60kgs (mobile) - but please check to ensure any load applied to the tray does not exceed spare wheel carrier load limits. If you don’t want to store stuff on the tray, you can use it as a step to the roof rack, in conjunction with the tyre step, for easy roof access.

Super easy to install the BLACKHAWK Rear Spare Wheel Tray fits from 14" to 37" spare tyres mounted on the rear of your vehicle.


  • Fits 14"-37" Spare Tyres
  • Easy Installation
  • Load limit of 60kgs (mobile) & 120kgs (static) depending on your spare whell carrier load limit
  • Carry your chainsaw, jerry can, treds outside of the vehicle
  • Bolt on a space case
  • Various mounting holes
  • Use as a step to access roof rack

Please Note: This is for the Rear Wheel Tray only. No Step

The Rear Wheel Step pictured in the last 2 pictures is available separately here, the step works in conjunction with this tray

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