Blackhawk Upper Control Arms with Bushes for Ford Ranger PX, PX2 Everest & Mazda BT50 - UCA3957R

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Sold as a pair kit with hardware included, These Roadsafe 4wd UCA's are a cost effective & simple solution to your alignment problems. Blackhawk UCA's use OE size parts (bushes and ball joints) meaning spares can be obtained from any spare parts shop, or genuine from Ford. 

Kit Contains:

  • 2 x Blackhawk UCA's pre-fitted with OE style rubber bushes
  • 2 x Roadsafe HD Ball Joints pre-fitted to the control arms
  • 4 x Washers
  • 2 x Blackhawk Ball Joint Dust Caps
  • 2 x Dust Cap sealing O-Rings

These UCA's are designed to fit:

  • Ford Ranger PX (built from 2011 onwards)
  • Ford Ranger PX MKII (built from 2011 onwards)
  • Ford Everest (built from 2011 onwards)
  • Mazda BT50 (coil front) (built from 2011 onwards)


Please See Fitment Notes Below for PX3

UCA3957R was designed to fit Ford Ranger PX1 PX2 & Ford Everest. When fitting the UCA's to the current PX3 model a minor modification to the arm is required to provide adequate clearances. Remove by cutting the ABS tab closest to the chassis bush. Following removal, paint arm area with a suitable black paint to prevent corrosion. Secure the ABS line, with cable ties to the UCA along the lower edge of the arm, clear of the strut. Cyce the suspension once completed to ensure adequate clearances to all moving parts. A rolling change is currently in place to modify the ABS tab to enable direct fitment for all PX Ranger Models.

  • Roadsafe 4WD have identified a requirement for a program supplying replacement Upper Control Arm’s (UCA) that are fitted to a wide range of late model IFS vehicles.  As a result Roadsafe now have available the “Blackhawk UCA” program featuring products that will simply “bolt-in” offering marked improvements over the OE design, for a variety of applications.

    The evolution of the Blackhawk UCA’s…

    When a vehicle has raised suspension (this can be anything from 30mm or above) it will disrupt the vehicles relationship with factory set geometry and create issues such as…

    • Reduced caster correction – causing vague steering and response
    • Bump steer resulting in reduced handling – with an out of control feeling
    • Clearance issues to suspension & wheels/tyres – larger wheels can hit suspension components
    • Some standard vehicles can have an issue of the UCA hitting the coil on full droop
    • Strength of OE equipment in off road scenarios

    Roadsafe 4WD have developed their Blackhawk UCA range of product drawing from over 30 years of experience in the manufacture & supply of chassis parts including a full range of steering & suspension components. The Blackhawk UCA’s have been designed in conjunction with industry experts to ensure vehicle fitment is comprehensive. During the development process a large number of potential issues associated with lift were identified, and subsequent features were built into the product to overcome of offset them.

    Features standard to the Blackhawk UCA’s are:

    •  3 degrees of fixed Caster correction Roadsafe have identified this as the perfect amount of correction required for lifts ranging from 30-70mm. By providing a bulk, fixed amount of caster, this offers the ability to utilise the factory adjustment to fine tune the caster required for the vehicles lift, with the UCA not being the limiting factor for increased droop relative to the other components.
    • Clearance to larger aftermarket wheels & tyres – we often see larger than standard size tyres with wheel offsets having clearance issues to the OE UCA, our Blackhawk UCA’s minimise this as much as possible.
    •  Clearance to suspension components & chassis – a large number of OE UCA’s hit the coil or the chassis mounts on during the suspension travel limiting the amount of travel you can achieve, with revised bends and clearances identified the Blackhawk UCA’s will not contact the strut or the chassis limiting travel unless specifically designed to do so.
    • Increased strength compared to the OE design – The design of the Blackhawk arms have shown with the use of FEA to be much stiffer than the OE arms, providing the driver with increased handling and response when the Blackhawk arms are fitted when compared to the OE arms, this is illustrated by the amount of deflection the FEA results have provided, with 3 times less deflection in the Blackhawk UCA’s.  Does this rigidity negatively transfer to the vehicle? – No, because the Blackhawk UCA’s use OE Rubber bushings, any NVH (Noise, Vibration and harshness) is absorbed in the rubber bushings before it makes it way to the chassis, you may find an increase in wear in the bushings which is directly related to how you drive the vehicle, the bushings are a consumable component of any vehicle, however you should expect years of trouble free service before you should need to replace the bushings.

    ADR Compliance

    Blackhawk arms have been designed and manufactured to be ADR Compliant; this is a confusing term within the industry as there is not an ADR (Australian Design Rule) to comply with specifically for this product group.

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