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Part number 11287799851 - Suits BMW M57N2 X5 E70 Series

*NOTE: This product is an OE BMW Product, without the BMW logo, with a considerably cheaper price tag. 


If your BMW's belt is squeaking it could be due to a worn our belt. However, under other circumstanced it could be the belt tensioner which has begun to fail. If the belt tensioner is not properly holding tension then the belt will not be secured properly over the other pulley. Replacing your BMW's tensioner can usually fix the problem.

Drive Belt Tensioner

Drive belt tensioners vary from vehicle to vehicle. In older vehicles the tensioner system for the accessory belts was manual in which the tension needed to be set each time the belt was installed. However in modern applications the tensioner assembly is automatic with the most common tensioner styles being either mechanical (spring loaded) or hydraulic (uses a hydraulic damper).

Belt tensioners maintain tension on the accessory belts ensuring that components like alternators, water pumps, A/C compressors, and power steering pumps are being powered by the engine while its running. Over time tensioners can wear resulting in their required replacement. Tensioner assemblies with integrated pulleys should be replaced at the same the belt is replaced as they wear together.

Drive Belt Tensioner Failure Symptoms

  • Squealing from the drive belt
  • Grinding or squeaking from the tensioner
  • Odd wear pattern on belt
  • Tensioner pulley bearing is loud
  • Tensioner arm misalignment
  • Tensioner assembly misalignment

About INA

Almost every modern passenger car contains an INA engine and transmission component. INA is a global manufacturer of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) roller bearings, linear motion, engine components, plain bearings and precision components meaning that the original parts removed from your car will most likely have INA stamped right on it.

Today INA is a division of the Schaeffler Group, which also includes FAG and LuK, they are the second-largest bearing manufacturer in the world. Their bearings are used in the space shuttle and the Millennium Wheel in London. Schaeffler has manufacturing facilities all around the world including Danbury CT. 


This is the original part used by the vehicle manufacturer when it left the factory - in other words, a Genuine product without the logo on it and without the premium cost. We recommend OE replacement as best options for quality and price. Vehicle manufacturers (BMW, Volvo, etc.) do not manufacture many products themselves, rather they contract their Original Equipment Manufacturers to do so. The products that we list as OE are guaranteed to be the exact same part that was on your car when it left the assembly line. In some cases they are even better quality than what is currently available in Genuine because over time some Genuine contracts get changed to save money. All of these parts will be stamped with the OEM’s brand name such as Bosch, Hella, or Lemforder but due to contractual agreements the vehicle manufacturer’s logo cannot be on the product and may be removed from the part.

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