BMW Harmonic Balancer for M57N & M57N2 - Febi Bilstein 11238511371

Febi BilsteinSKU: 33602

Sale price$278.00


OE Part number 11238511371

Febi Part Number 33602


Also known as a crankshaft pulley, control engine harmonics

Harmonic balancers have a simple objective, to control engine harmonics. Without a harmonic balancer the engine will basically tear itself apart. Over time the harmonic balancer may wear out requiring replacement.

About Febi Bilstein

Founded in 1844 by Ferdinand Bilstein, Febi GmbH + Co. KG has stood for developments in its range of services and changes in sales and logistics. Febi Bilstein, a Bilstein group brand, is a family owned German company globally known and respected as a manufacturer of OE quality aftermarket replacement parts. Febi Bilstein has been machining metal parts since 1844 and their experience shows in their parts. Febi workers perform most of their production, as demonstrated by a Febi workforce of 1,300 (of which more than 90% are skilled workers). Febi has over 150 years of production and machining experience and it shows in the parts they manufacture.

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