Donaldson Complete Filter Kit for Nissan Patrol GQ GU TD42 TD42T TD42Ti - X902759

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2 x Genuine Donaldson Oil Filters to suit Nissan Patrol GQ & GU with the TD42, TD42T & TD42Ti engines.

1 x Genuine Donaldson Fuel Filter to suit Nissan Patrol GQ & GU with a TD42, TD42T, TD42Ti Diesel Engine up to 2007 (Does not suit Common Rail ZD30)

1 x Genuine Donaldson Air Main Filter 

**NOTE: If you have the GU TD42 with the two different filters, this kit is not suited to you, please check out the other kit we have here. 

Donaldson is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts.

The Donaldson range of high quality air filters has been designed specifically to protect your investment in the harshest environments. Donaldson filter media technology and robust filter construction provides the protection your diesel engine needs. Founded in 1915 when Frank Donaldson Sr. developed a simple air cleaner to solve a farmer's tractor problems. In the late 1920s, crop fires caused by engine sparks fuelled our diversification into exhaust products. By the 1950s, Donaldson had established worldwide sales and distribution through licensing agreements with overseas manufacturers. A market leader and innovator in offering filtration solutions to the engine and industrial markets. Donaldson's diverse product range encompasses air, liquid, hydraulic and exhaust products for the engine market as well as dust, mist and fume collection, processing filtration and gas turbine filtration for industries as varied as power generation to pharmaceutical manufacturing and micro processing.

Filter Media:Designed to capture and hold harmful contaminant while allowing maximum air flow. Donaldson filter media meets or exceeds OEM specifications. End Caps: Robust construction provides structural integrity. Heavy Duty Liners: Corrosion resistant, maximises air flow and protects the filter media from damage. Pleating: Donaldson Pleatloc technology ensures uniform spacing to maximise dirt holding capacity and provides longer filter service life. Beading: Stabilises the media and prevents pleat wear. Plastisol: Precisely measured to ensure filter media is potted correctly and prevents any possible leaks for non-filtered air to pass through.

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