Front Grill Clip Upgrade Kit suits TD42, TB42 for Ford Maverick DA

Sale price$12.00


Ford Maverick DA Front Grill Clip Upgrade Kit - Bolt head may vary from picture, IE Security/Flat Blade or Phillips/Flat Blade.

This kit includes 8 bolts, 4 bolts for across the top and 2 for the bottom and 2 spare, the different style captive clips behind the indicators are not included as these are simply a spring loaded locator.

Tired of the plastic clips holding your front grill on, and using cable ties instead? Unfortunately cable ties wont pass a roadworthy in many states.

This upgrade kit allows you to fit a bolt straight in to hold your grill into place, they are a little fiddly to fit and would be a perfect job to do at the same time as your removing your radiator, but with some patience can be fitted without removing anything. We even supply 2 spares just in case you drop them and loose them.

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