Fulton's Creek- The Diary of Gilbert Smith (1883-1884)

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Previously little or nothing was known about this area apart from old newspaper extracts and scant public records. This is a personal diary for the entire year of 1883, written by a prospector who lived a solitary life in the Fulton's Creek valley, but travelled across a mountain range on foot every Sunday, to teach Sunday-school to children in the neighbouring Donnelly's Creek valley, in which he later lived at the township of Store Point. The diary is a very precise and detailed account of his daily work, hut life and mood swings determined by his prospecting success or feelings of loneliness.

My expedition work is now completed. I have found many sites over a 10 year period working on this project that Gilbert spoke about. This diary even proves that the Burial Ground at Store Point is not the real burial ground.... there is another.

39 pages- comb bound (2016) ISBN 0-9579946-5-6

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