Genuine Hitachi 90A Alternator Kit W/ Vac Pump for Nissan Patrol GQ GU TD42

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We have been pondering some changes here with the latest batch of 100A alternators just not cutting it.  Trying to find the most reliable long term solutions for our customers and thinking away from the BIGGER IS BETTER theory, we feel a GENUINE Hitachi 90A alternator that peaks at above 105A is going to be a far superior option than the products we have been using in the past. 

However reliability and quality come with a price tag and we have had to get these in especially for us, they are not made for a TD42 specifically, these are the original OEM Hitachi from an overseas Nissan Vehicle making them then bit harder and costly to get our hands on. 

Although this alternator is rated at 90A, we have tested it in our own rig and with 30A DCDC and Lightbars running it output 52A at idle and averaged 45A at idle with just the 30A DCDC and headlights running (at peak performance with an battery in optimum condition)

We have included a few custom components also, firstly a new Oil Return hose, as most of your old hoses will be old and brittle by now.

An important component of your charging system that's often overlooked is the charge wire, your factory alternator was putting out approx 60A, so the wire between the alternator and the battery was rated as such, but its not going to do the job for an alternator that can pump out over 90A peak. There really is no point upgrading the alternator and using the factory wire that's under rated, so that's why we have also included a new Alternator Output lead, made using 6 B&S Wire, and is fused with a 125A fuse at each end. The lead is fully made up ready to bolt on, professionally crimped, fully covered in split tube and then wrapped in wrapping tape. Made to the correct length to run from your alternator, up to the firewall and back down to your start battery. 

The third addition to this kit is the piggy back S+ (sense) voltage sensor loop. The old patrols factory sense wires have been known to be getting old and not providing a good connection to the alternator. This piggy back cable will allow you to connect your voltage sense wire to the positive output on the alternator, therefore detecting accurate battery voltage and allowing peak output at all times. 

Sensor plug, vacuum hose outlets and oil feed line are all a direct plug in without the need to make any alterations. 

This kit really is what you need to get the job done. 

The Custom Charge Lead, Oil Return line and voltage sense piggy pack cable are valued at $120 by themselves. 

Suits all GQ and GU Patrols with the Vacuum pump on the alternator


  • Charge Rating  : 90A
  • Charge Peak Output : Approx 105A
  • Voltage Output : 14V

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