Genuine Nissan Thermostat + Gasket for Nissan Patrol GQ / GU TD42 + Adrad Organic Coolant

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Suits all Patrol 4.2L Diesel Engines, GQ TD42, GU TD42T & GU TD42Ti

This kit includes the  a Genuine Nissan Thermostat and a Genuine Nissan Thermostat Gasket as well as a bottle of Adrad CRIN01 Organic Coolant



Genuine Thermostat 2120058G04

Rated at 76.5 Degrees


ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor – A High Performance, Glycol-Free Coolant Alternative to Water Wetter Products

We are currently running this in our  Nissan Patrol TD42 with great results. 

We have undergone some testing in our own patrol and found this product to be on par with waterwetter in regards to cooling. When testing against the Adrad 35% Glycol based coolant (many other off the shelf Glycol based coolants are in fact 50% which will even further decrease heat transfer) we found this Adrad Organic coolant CRINO1 to run 2 degrees cooler under load with only an 21c ambient temperature and also offer a much faster recovery times. We are looking forward to Summer to do some more testing at higher ambient temperatures and expect to see even better results. 


ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor is an advanced, glycol-free, readily biodegradable extended life coolant and corrosion inhibitor that has been developed to suit both heavy and light duty vehicles and equipment.  For applications and climates where anti-freeze is not required, a well formulated, high performance, glycol-free coolant like ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor offers the ability to lower cooling system operating temperatures whilst simultaneously providing exceptional extended service protection for all system metals and components encountered in modern, high-tech engines. 

ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor is up to 40% more efficient at transferring heat than conventional silicate containing glycol-based anti-freeze coolants.  How does it do this?

  • The low viscosity of ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor compared to glycol-based coolants contributes to increased cooling efficiency. 
  • ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor exhibits a high specific heat capacity compared with glycol-based coolants, delivering effective energy transfer for efficient cooling. 
  • Being silicate and phosphate free, this formulation does not contribute to deposit build-up, which helps promote heat transfer efficiency in the system. 

For those climates where a glycol-based anti-freeze coolant is not required, the key to improved heat transfer performance is through the elimination of glycol (whether ethylene or propylene glycol) from the cooling fluid.  Water on its own has far superior heat transfer properties to any mixture of glycol and water.  In truth, water has superior heat transfer properties compared with virtually any other known liquid cooling medium.  

Over the years, many have recognised the superior heat transfer benefits of water-only inhibited cooling fluids.  Although some “Water Wetter” products claim to further enhance the heat transfer performance of pure water, the only significant advantage from a heat transfer perspective comes from the elimination of glycol-based solutions from the system.  The same effect is achieved by using a glycol-free coolant such as ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor.  It is also worth noting that, unlike ADRAD’s range of coolants and corrosion inhibitors, some “Water Wetter” products on the market are based on “glycol ether” mixtures rather than inhibitor formulations that are known, recognised and utilised by global OEMs.    

A downside to using pure water as an engine coolant however (in addition to it’s inability to protect against freezing, where required) is that it will eventually become corrosive to the metals found in the cooling system.  This is why it is of critical importance to choose a well-formulated coolant solution containing advanced corrosion inhibitor technology to prevent issues like corrosion, pitting, erosion and scale formation, as well as to ensure complete compatibility with other system components such as seals and elastomers.  ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor has been formulated utilising an advanced, environmentally friendly, and virtually non-depleting organic additive technology (OAT) inhibitor package, which has been shown to outperform traditional mineral-based inhibitors in corrosion protection performance testing (for example, laboratory testing as per ASTM D1384, ASTM D2570 and ASTM D4340).  Developed for extended service performance in heavy duty engines in particular, ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor has demonstrated exceptional performance “in the field” across multiple applications, from passenger cars and racing vehicles, through to trucks, heavy duty earthmoving equipment and power generation units. 


In short, no matter the application, customers looking for an advanced engine coolant that will enable reduced operating temperatures, whilst also providing outstanding, long life corrosion protection, should look no further than ADRAD’s Organic Corrosion Inhibitor. 


  • Cost Effective protection where Anti-Freeze is not required
  • Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly formulation
  • Australian Made
  • Meets AS2108-2004 Engine Coolant Type B
  • Silicate, Nitrite & Amine Free formulation
  • Suitable for petrol, diesel or gas automobile and heavy duty engines (cast iron or aluminium alloy)
  • Meets Ford Engineering Specification ESD-M99B166-C
  • Prevents Corrosion of system Metallic Components
  • Will not affect Rubber or Plastic Components and Seals
  • Available in Concentrated or Complete Fill formulations

    RedLine Water Wetter 

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