Gigglepin Air Manifold Kit

GigglepinSKU: G11003

Sale price$102.00


The Gigglepin Air Manifold kit is designed to allow easy & tidy fitment of up to 6 air fittings.
This product has been desgined primarily to allow the user a combination of multiple air locking diffs and/or air free spool systems.

Supplied with:

5x 1/8bsp male to male adapotors

5x 1/8bsp Blanking plugs

1x 1/8bsp elbow 6mm (quick fit)

1x 1/4bsp elbow 6mm (quick fit)

1x 1/4bsp blanking plug

1metre 6mm air pipe

1x PTFE tape

We also recommend the use of the Gigglepin Airline Kit with this product

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