Koyorad Manual Alloy / Plastic Radiator for Nissan Patrol GQ TD42 - PICKUP ONLY

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High Quality Koyorad Standard OEM Replacement 2 core Radiator for Nissan Patrol GQ with the TD42 Diesel Engine. 

Alloy Radiators have superior cooling properties over the Brass/Copper Radiators so if  your looking better performance this is the way to go. Its also a common myth that adding a larger radiator, in this case, changing from a standard 2 core to a 3 core will improve cooling, but in fact the larger water capacity will take a minimal amount of time longer to heat up but will in fact take much longer to cool down again which has a negative effect on your engines cooling. 

This is a direct replacement and will suit all GQ TD42 4.2L Diesel Patrols. Another interesting fact is the Late GQ Series 2 actually came with a Alloy/Plastic Radiator as do all of the GU's and 99% of most other modern cars. 

Quality can be Guaranteed with Koyorad being a well know brand in the Radiator Industry. 


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