LV Automotive Switch Panel 8 Button Blue LED 60a Max 1200w Inc 50 x Labels

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Kit Includes:
1 x Switch Control Box
1 x 8 Gang Panel Switch
3 x Supporting Brackets
3 x Wiring Harness
6 x Strapping Band
1 x 60A Surface Mount Circuit Breaker
1 x Sticker Sheet (50 Icons)


With this 8 Way Switch Panel you have the ability to power lighting and other 12V appliances in Caravans, Motorhomes, Vehicles, Heavy Machinery, Boats and more.

Mount the switch panel remotely from the wiring control box, up to 2.6m away.

Makes wiring up multiple devices easy as all go to a central point.

Suitable for Automotive or Marine use

Contains 50 different labels


Up to 60 amps

12 or 24 volt use

Control Lead – 2.6m

Dimensions – 110mm x 64mm x 10mm

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