QIKAZZ Fan Cooling Upgrade Kit for Toyota Prado 120 1kz-te

QIKAZZ 4x4 & CampingSKU: EWHL1kzFanKit

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Prado 1kz-te owners your day has come, you can put your mind at rest as we have released a 1kz-te Fan Setup that will out perform any fan setup you have used before. 

Finally a Prado 120 1kz-te cooling fan solution. This IS the ultimate in keeping your 1kz-te cool, designed and tested here in Australia using only the highest quality parts.

If you want to keep your 1kz cool, look no further, perfect for these long hill climbs, or when towing your camper/caravan.

Suits ALL 1kz-te Engines 120 Series Prados.

This fan and hub is much larger than the Toyota fan and out performs all of the Toyota units by up to and over 10 deg (based on averages after testing on many vehicles with varying fan/hub configurations.

The adaptor has been designed and engineered from the ground up with a true centre spigot to keep it all perfectly lined up and spinning true. 

The fan is a Genuine Mitsubishi Fan, NOT an Aftermarket cheap quality unit that will over flex and hit your shroud or radiator. (yes we could give you a cheap fan, but we don't want to take this risk, do you?)

The Viscous Hub is the Highest quality Aftermarket unit, manufactured by a company with over 45 locations in almost 20 countries, so rest assured your getting a quality product,  again - this is no cheap Chinese product.

Forget adding oil to your current setup, that only makes the fan engage all the time, it drags power away from the engine and still doesn't help anywhere near enough. Trust us, we have tried. :) With this setup you can really hear when the fan engages and disengages so you know its working well.

NOTE: NOTE: From our testing your far better off using a stock size radiator as the recovery time on the larger capacity radiators is much much slower.

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