Adrad Radiator Overflow Bottle for Nissan Patrol GQ GU TD42

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This 'Radiator Overflow Bottle' is brand new and fits:

NISSAN models

-Patrol GQ (Y60) 4.2 Petrol Carburettor (SWB/LWB 88-92, w/TB42S 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GQ (Y60) 4.2 Petrol MPFI (SWB 92-94, LWB 92-97, w/TB42E 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GQ (Y60) 3.0 Petrol Carburettor (LWB 90-95, w/RB30S 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GQ (Y60) 4.2 Diesel (SWB 88-94, LWB/Ute 88-97, w/TD42 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GQ (Y60) 2.8 Turbo Diesel (LWB 95-97, w/RD28T 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GU (Y61) 4.5 Petrol MPFI (LWB 97-01, w/TB45E 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GU (Y61) 4.8 Petrol MPFI (LWB 01-9/04, w/TB48E 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GU (Y61) 4.2 Diesel (LWB/Ute 97-00, w/TD42 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GU (Y61) 4.2 Turbo Diesel (LWB/Ute 00-9/04, w/TD42T 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GU (Y61) 2.8 Turbo Diesel (LWB 97-00, w/RD28ETi 6Cyl engine)

-Patrol GU (Y61) 3.0 Turbo Diesel (LWB 00-9/04, w/ZD30 4Cyl engine)

FORD models

-Maverick DA (Y60) 4.2 Carburettor (SWB/LWB 88-94, w/TB42S 6Cyl engine)

-Maverick DA (Y60) 4.2 Diesel (SWB/LWB 88-94, w/TD42 6Cyl engine)

If you are unsure of your model, please feel free to consult with us.

This item is a high quality-standard (non genuine) replacement item.

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