Roadsafe 4wd Diff Drop Kit - Ford Ranger PX, PX2, PX3, Everest & Mazda BT50 2011 - On

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Diff Drop Kit Ford Ranger PX, Everest & Mazda BT50 2012 - Onwards


Ford Ranger PX, PX2, PX3 (PX MK1 MK2 MK3) Everest, Ranger Raptor, Mazda BT50 Gen 2 2012-2019


Fitting guide can be found here

When lifting IFS vehicles, the Constant Velocity or CV joints are put on an increased angle. This increased angle of the CV joint during operation can accelerate the wear on the joint, as well as putting additional stress on the CV boots leading to splitting & eventually premature failure of the CV. This wear is accelerated further if larger wider wheels &  tyres are fitted.

The New Roadsafe Ranger Diff Drop Kit is suitable for Ford Ranger PX MK1 MK2, Ford Everest & Mazda BT50. The Roadsafe Ranger Diff Drop Kit lower the front diff by approx. 26mm in addition to moving the diff forward by 20mm,and includes a bonus 20mm Tailshaft Spacer to take up for this forward movement, reducing potential driveline vibration. The kit install does require a small modification being the removal of a rear mount bracket on the drivers side, and is recommended for installation by a specialist 4WD Mechanic. Reinstallation of the bash plate will require additional spacers that are not included in the kit (bash plate brand dependent).

This bolt on kit suits the following

  • Ford Ranger PX MK1 MK2 2011 - Onwards
  • Ford Everest
  • Mazda BT50 2012 - On

Kits Contains

  • Diff Drop Brackets
  • Spacers
  • Mounting Hardware

Please Note: Additional Spacers may be required when refitting your bash plate. They are not included in this kit as they may vary dependant on your bash plate brand.

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