Roadsafe 4wd HD Recovery Tow Point Kit for Nissan Patrol Y62

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THIS KIT DOES NOT FIT ON THE S5 Ti-L as there is no captive nuts to bolt the point too. 
Note: The S5 has a slightly wider radiator which has created a bit of a clearance issue with the plate that is installed on the inner edge of the chassis between the radiator. Seems to be a bit of variance on the vehicles too. When fitting you can modify the plate to create a slimmer profile if required. Most have been fitted without any modification – there has been a few reports though.
Decent recovery points are a must, far to often people are using the factory TIE DOWN points as recovery points, using the factory tie down points it a huge risk and can potentially cause harm, even death when it breaks, sending the strap or winch cable flying. The roadsafe kit listed here is a complete kit and will have all bases completely covered. Its a must for any serious off roader.
  • Made from 16mm SS41 carbon steel plate
  • Huge 16mm shackle eye thickness
  • Designed, developed & tested in Australia - Aus design 201810098
  • Direct bolt onto your chassis using high tensile bolts - no cutting or welding required
  • Powder coated yellow for high visibility
  • Matched pair - specific to each side
  • Allow for use of 4.75T bow shackles and a bridle strap
  • FEA tested to exceed a Working Weight Limit (WWL) of 5000 Kg
  • Minimal Ground Clearance impact

To suit:

  • Nissan Patrol Y62 Series 1- 4
  • Nissan Patrol Y62 Series 5 (excluding Ti-L)

This kit comes complete with the following items.

  • 2 x Tow Points
  • All Bolts, plates, washers etc as required
  • 2 x 4.7T Bow Shackles
  • 1 x Equaliser Strap (Bridle Strap)

Fitting Guide can be found here. 

 Please check the fitment notes here if you have an aftermarket bullbar fitted. 

Roadsafe 4WD have put together some Tow Point kits including points,
shackles and equalising bridle to encourage the use of Tow Points in pairs.

Off road driving demands for strong, reliable recovery points to cope with a huge variety of
recovery situations. The purpose of a recovery tow point is to provide a safe and secure point
from which to recover a stuck vehicle.

Roadsafe 4WD strongly recommend fitting Tow Points as a matched pair, bolted to the Chassis,
and used in conjunction with each other in all straight line pull recovery situations with use of an
Equalising Bridle. Warranty will not be considered if Tow Points are not used as recommended.

An Equalising Bridle is designed to evenly distribute the load on the vehicle during the recovery
operation when connected to the two recovery tow points. The Roadsafe 4WD Equalising Bridles
are designed in 2.5m x 6000kg minimum breaking strength, with a movable protective sleeve in the
middle and black reinforced eyelet protectors.

Most Roadsafe 4WD Tow Points have been designed for use with a 4.7t Bow Shackle.
When bolted to the chassis, the use of Roadsafe 4WD Tow Points, used in conjunction with an
Equalising Bridle attached with 4.7t Bow Shackles, creates a safer vehicle attachment system for
recovery situations.

Setting up this system is straight forward, secure one eye of the equalising bridle to one of the
installed Roadsafe 4WD Tow Hooks, pass the other end through the eye on the end of the snatch
strap intended for use during the recovery operation. Then, hook the second end of the equalising
bridle to the other installed Roadsafe 4WD Tow Hook. Line the equalising bridle up with the
direction of pull intended and locate the protective sleeve on the equalising bridle in the snatch strap

All Roadsafe 4WD Tow Points have been destruction tested during development, to ensure they
have the ability to cope with a variety of potential recovery situations.


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