Roadsafe 4wd Rear Upper Adjustable Control Trailing Arm Pair for Nissan Patrol GQ / GU

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Adjustable for 2" + Lift

Upper Adjustable Trailing Arms are used to change the pinion angle. The Roadsafe Adjustable Upper Trailing Arm is an oncar adjustable for that precise fitment. Coupled up with a super fine 1.5mm pitch thread, and over 200mm of adjustability, this arm will suit just about every requirement.

Roadsafe Rear Lower & Upper Trailing Arms are built tough, so when you bump them up against rocks & tough terrain, they won't bend as much as standard arms. You've really got to give these ones a decent smack to get the 5mm wall thickness to buckle in.

We're not claiming Roadsafe arms are infallible, there will always be a bloke who wants to hang his truck up by the lower arms with bending consequences, but for your average 4WDer one set should see you through the life of your truck.

Manufactured to factory bush specifications & supplied complete with high flex rubber bushings.


  • Rubber Bushings at both ends
  • 34mm OD Tube
  • 6.5m Wall Thickness



Why upgrade your Trailing Arms?

From genuine the wall thickness of the rear upper and lower trailing arms on the Patrols & Landcruiser are quite thin. You upgrade your trailing arms to increase the wall thickness, and the subsequent strength.

Patrol genuine rear lower trailing arms have a wall thickness of less than 2.5mm. The Roadsafe lower arms are supplied in 5.5mm wall thickness. A massive increase in strength. Refer to image above showing the genuine cross section (left) and Roadsafe cross section (right).

If you have a look under your vehicle, you might see that your rear lower trailing arms are bent (as per image above). This is due to the thin walls, and an upgrade is recommended. Bent lower arms can result in diff pinion breakage.

For lifted vehicles, Rear Lower trailing arms are also available in an extended form to give increased clearance for the rear tyre to the front of the rear guard (basically gets the diff in the factory position in the guard).

Rear Upper trailing arms are also upgraded from standard (with a massive 5.75-6.5mm wall thickness) and available as on-car adjustable to aid in diff pinion angle correction for lifted vehicles.


Why are the upper arms ‘adjustable’?

The upper arms are on-car adjustable purely to allow ease of adjustability when you are endeavouring to set the required length to sort out the diff pinion angle correction.

The Upper arms are ‘shorter’ than the standard factory arms, and adjust shorter (not longer). This pulls the diff back around to replicate more of the factory positioning after a lift.


Do I need to use both Extended Lower Arms and Adjustable Upper Arms?

It really is a bag of worms, personal preference and vehicle have a fair bit to do with it. Heavy Duty longer lower arms are the quickest, easiest, price conscious fix to get the pinion angle back within tolerance, and locate the diff in the factory position in the guard.

SWB Patrols with big lift will generally need both, as the tolerances are smaller due to drive shaft length. Basically, if you lift your vehicle (say GQ SWB for example) 4″ of spring, then the rear diff will roll forward towards the centre of the car. 16mm extended lower arms will push the diff back not quite 16mm, locating the diff into the factory position in the guard, keeping the tyre centred. Height also changes the roll of the diff, which is where the Adjustable Upper Arms come into play, so you can reverse the roll & fix the diff pinion angle back to original. If you’ve got a LWB GQ and you’re wanting to fit 35’s and a 4″ lift you should be fine with 16mm longer lower arms only. If you’re going up to 37’s you’ll probably need both extended lower arms and adjustable upper arms – and more likely a chop out of the guards.


What Bushings are supplied in the Arms?

In the Patrol & Landcruiser rear upper and lower trailing arms Roadsafe include a high flex rubber bushing as standard. The arms are also available with an alternative Genuine rubber bushing for those customers who are keen on maintaining genuine rubber.

What Colour are the Roadsafe Upper & Lower Rear Trailing Arms?

Originally the Roadsafe Arms were gold anodised. However over the last 2 years there has been a progressive change to a black e-coated style arm. Aside from the longevity and ‘meaner look’, the black e-coat allows for a more discreet installation.

Are the Replacement Trailing Arms ADR Approved?

Under NCOP V3 (VSB14) the replacement trailing arms are street legal. They are a standard replacement item, fitted with no additional modification to the mount points or similar required.

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