Roadsafe 4wd Upper Ball Joint for Nissan Patrol Y62 HD - Pair

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The Ball Joint serves as the pivot point between the tyre and the suspension. Roadsafe Ball Joints are manufactured to exact standards and offer customers an encapsulated design on most ball joints, Some benefits and guarantees (can we guarantee?) from us include: 

- Low friction and high performance
- Mirror finished ball stud for smooth operation and longer wear
- High-quality CR (chloroprene rubber) dust boot
- High static and dynamic load capabilities
- Rigorously tested
Encapsulated vs Mechanical or “hard to hard”

In the aftermarket, there are two main types of ball joint – Encapsulated and Mechanical. The question is often asked what the difference is, and which one is more suitable.

Encapsulated design ball joints are sealed for life; in other words, they are completely maintenance-free. They have a smoother feel during articulation and are designed for passenger vehicles.

Mechanical Ball Joints are not sealed and are supplied with grease nipples for lubrication. Mechanical joints need to be fully greased on installation and followed with re-greasing at regular intervals (Roadsafe recommends servicing these joints at every oil change). They are typically found in older vehicles or light commercial/4WD vehicles as they are more suitable for load-bearing vehicles.

When it comes to deciding between encapsulated or spring and seat design ball joints, Roadsafe determines the most suitable design for the application. The customer never needs to be concerned that they are being supplied with a ball joint that may not be suitable for the vehicle.

All of Roadsafe’s ball joints are manufactured to exact standards. 

The plastic seat within the ball joint is made from a unique material and designed to be completely smooth; the ball pin is mirror finished for better wear characteristics, smooth operation and specialised dust covers made from CR (Chloroprene Rubber) work to reduce to a minimum the amount of dust and foreign bodies or moisture entering the part, improving life span.

It is imperative that anything with a grease nipple is greased at regular service intervals.


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