Stimex Waterproof Spray Can 500ml


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Stimex spray can pressure pack textile coating to enhance water resistance on fabrics.

Any of your cotton or canvas camping fabrics can now be made waterproof! And any previously waterproof fabrics can be restored to full use! Stimex Waterproofer is permanently breathable and elastic and will work on both dry and moist fabrics.

Extra concentrated textile coating, specially composed to penetrate into textiles and create an impervious membrane resisting water penetration.
It can be applied to moist fabric.
Suitable for cotton, canvas, and dralon.
Not suitable for polyester, nylon and PVC fabrics, due to the risk of potential staining.
Spray/pressure can variation (Brush-on liquid variation also available).

Made in the Netherlands

Volume: 500 ml
Covers approx. 5-7m²

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