Saber Offroad SaberPro® Pink Reflective Double Braided Winch Rope – Limited Edition

Saber OffroadSKU: SBR-30WR-P

Sale price$242.00


Welcome to the SaberPro® Double Braided Winch Rope.  This rope has been in development for almost a year to find the right fibre blend, diameter, braiding and reflective flecks.

This rope is double braided with SaberPro, our proprietary fiber, designed to be tough and durable and ready for anything.

The value of double braiding can not be underestimated.  The 1mm outer braid protects in the 9mm inner rope core from abrasives, giving our customers the confidence of its durability, and a longer-lasting winch rope.

For this winch rope, we have included a reflective fleck, especially effective in lower light, or evening recoveries, offering increased visibility, hence increased safety.

This rope has a 10mm (5/12″) diameter, with a minimum breaking strength of 8000kg (17600lbs).

Available in 30m (100ft) length

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